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About Cross Ministry

Oh, so you want to know about Cross Ministry?

First, we want you to know what we don't do.

We don’t do windows! You won't understand this preceding sentence if you don't know the story of the cleaning lady who - when being interviewed by a home owner for a job - said she did not do windows.

We don't do counseling nor do we take referrals.  A referral ministry typically takes a phone call from a church staff member who is looking to refer a family or individual our way for help regarding same-sex attractions.  Cross believes in the biblical model that says the church has been empowered by God to minister healing and wholeness to everyone.

If Cross were a referral ministry, here's what would happen.  A church or individual would refer someone to us for help.  Cross would meet with family members in marathon sessions and/or glue its ear to the telephone for countless hours providing a biblical understanding of same-sex attractions.  We would repeat this process a thousand or more times a year and our staff would be more exhausted than it is. We would explain the issue biblically, console and  comfort everyone and lead the person with same-sex attractions toward freedom.

That's not our style of ministry for several reasons -- and they are all biblical.

Were Cross a referral ministry, our influence would be minimal.  We could possibly help 20-30 families a year. However, as an equipping ministry, the multiplication process "kicks in".  (Multiplication, not addition, is a biblical concept.)  Cross shows your church the "how to" of loving people out of homosexuality.  We can begin with your staff or take on the entire church in our MORE THAN WORDS conference which is steeped in sound theology and lots of humor.  When dealing with heavy issues, you need levity and lots of it.

Moreover, if Cross was a referral ministry, your church staff, leadership and members would never benefit from being an instrument in God's hand to accomplish things you never believed imaginable.  You say you don’t know how to minister is this area?  That's a legitimate response; Cross will show you.

Many churches presume that only their youth need to be taught about this issue - as if no one over 38 or 88 has ever dealt with same-sex attractions.  When was the last time (or the first time) you read an article on homosexuality and the accompanying photo was of a 49 year old married woman? Do we really believe that homosexuality only affects young, single people? Such articles, even from evangelical writers, are almost always accompanied by the picture of a teenager - which erroneously leads people to think "this is solely a youth issue."

When Christians talk to us about persons with same-sex attractions, it's usually "those people out there" as if no one in their church struggles with this. When we tell them that there are -  most likely -  members of their church who struggle, they look at us with incredulity. (That's a great word. Five syllables with the accent on the third one.)  They ask, "What makes you think our church has people in it dealing with this?"  To which we reply, "What makes you think your church does not have people in it dealing with this?"  Most church members do not wear badges on their lapel revealing their unique set of temptations.  "I steal office supplies", "I'm a pathological liar",  "I gossip on Tuesdays and Thursdays." (It's OK to laugh.)

For the sake of argument, let's say your church has no one in it with same-sex attractions.  Well then, why not?  What is it about your church that communicates to lost people "you are not welcome here?"  Be assured, however, the church you attend has such persons.  A survey of evangelicals revealed that 70 plus percent of them had a family member or friend dealing with homosexuality.

From the preceding paragraph, you may think that all persons with same-sex attractions are "lost people".  Untrue.  Christians are not exempt from certain temptations.  The idea that a Believer cannot struggle with homosexual temptation has no biblical basis whatsoever.  Remember, temptation - in and of itself - is not sin.  Giving into the temptation is sin.

Cross believes God's work must never be outsourced to "professionals"; God uses ordinary people just like you.

So what is Cross Ministry?

Cross Ministry is an equipping ministry.  We train people what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say. As followers of Christ Jesus and empowered by His Holy Spirit -  you (don't look over your shoulder as if we are talking to someone else) yes, you have the ability to do what it takes in helping a family member or friend find freedom from same-sex attractions.  But you have "bought into" the false claim that only an expert or an ex-gay can help.  That's unholy hogwash!

For a fuller explanation of our purpose, read Tim Wilkins' article "The Church, the APA and Homosexuality." CLICK HERE