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More Than Words Conference


MORE THAN WORDS is a compelling 1-day conference geared to help you better understand homosexuality so you can minister to a friend or family member. You will learn how to respond to "gay theology", what the research really shows, and what your church can do.
MORE THAN WORDS goes beyond "talk" to walking people out of homosexuality. The complexity of homosexuality will crumble as you discover the root issues, explore the biblical record and witness the dynamic truths that lead to freedom from homosexuality.

Our churches, our schools and our culture are being bombarded with misinformation in order to legitimize homosexuality. Christians know that homosexuality is wrong, but many lack the knowledge and ability to refute the clever homosexual agenda. Millions of parents suffer silently with a homosexual son or daughter. Many pastors and counselors are ill-equipped to tackle the issue.

What Topics does MORE THAN WORDS address?
  • If a Friend Says "I'm gay"
  • Loving and Reaching the Gay Community
  • The Pivotal Parent
  • Debunking the "Gay Gene"
  • "What's a Parent to Do?"
  • Untwisting "Gay Theology"
  • "They didn't teach me this in Seminary!"
  • Counseling the Homosexual
  • Preventing Homosexuality
  • A Biblical Bridge Out of Homosexuality
  • The Church: "Walking by Faith, not by Fright"
  • Demystifying Homosexuality
If you are interested in hosting a MORE THAN WORDS Conference at your church- contact us!